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March 14, 2019, 08:48:43 PM
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Mrs. Subbalakshmi is a ZEE5 Original comedy series starring Lakshmi Manchu, Srinivas Avasarala and Adrus Raghu. Fed up of her workaholic husband, Mrs. Subbalakshmi decides to walk out of the house to seek freedom from her routine life. However, her journey turns adventurous and hilarious when she lands in the middle of a diamond heist and two feuding families

List of Episodes

Episode 1 - The Missing Wife

Upon waking up one morning, Subramanyam doesn't find his wife at home. Despite making few calls and inquiries, he finds no clue about her whereabouts, not until his son finds a letter left behind by her.

Episode 2 - The Lavish Gift

Subramanyam is shell shocked realising his wife left him. Meanwhile, Subbalakshmi, at the temple, complains about Subramanyam to God. Later, she goes and purchases a jeep worth a million for herself using her husband's credit card.

Episode 3 - The Makeover

After purchasing the jeep, Subbalakshmi decides to get a makeover and gets rid of her homely clothes for a modern look. She then heads to a pub to drink and dance. In an attempt to track her down, Subramanyam meets Subbalakshmi's best friend, Jhansi, who confirms that she left him for good.

Episode 4 - Episode 4 - The Run-Away Couple

Jhansi suggests Subramanyam to read Subbalakshmi’s diary to find any clue. Meanwhile, Subbalakshmi participates in a women centric radio show and is praised by listeners. Later, she gives lift to a runaway couple who are trying to evade the goons sent by their parents to capture them.
Episode 5 - Hide and Seek

Having escaped by a whisker, Subbalakshmi and the couple hide at a hotel, while Subramanyam rings up all the phone numbers found in Subbalakshmi's diary. At the hotel, the couple narrate their story and explain how dangerous their families are.

Episode 6 - The Diamond-Heist

The cops hunt for Nayum, a dangerous criminal who is on the run after a diamond heist. To avoid arrest, Nayum slips the diamond’s bag into Subbalakshmi’s luggage. He later realises that Subbalakshmi has escaped with the diamonds.

Episode 7 - The Chase

In order to evade Nayum, Subbalakshmi and the couple enter a crowded fair. The goons sent by the couple's parents are also land up at the fair. Unable to trace Subbalakshmi, Nayum asks his subordinates to take her family as hostage. Meanwhile, Subramanyam is chided by his maid for being an inconsiderate husband.

Episode 8 - Love Over Violence

In order to avoid the clash between the goons sent by their respective families, Balu and Keerthi threaten to commit suicide. Subbalakshmi steps in and convinces the families to choose lover over violence. In a turn of events, Subbalakshmi gets kidnapped.

Episode 9 - The Last Resort

Nayum kidnaps Subbalakshmi while his subordinates take Subbalakshmi's family hostage. Nayum threatens to kill her family if she doesn't part with the diamonds. She agrees but requests to make one phone call.

Episode 10 - The Saviour

As a last resort, Subbalakshmi calls her childhood friend, who is now the Home Minister. Based on the minister’s orders, the cops swing into action and rescue Subbalakshmi and her family. Subbalakshmi is felicitated for her bravery and Subramanyam promises to be a better husband.

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